For God’s sake, no more Chris Capuano

You know life is tough when my wife, a die-hard New York Yankees fan, calls you Cappuccino, instead of calling you by your real name.

In 22 games (four starts) with the New York Yankees, Chris Capuano pitched 40.2 innings, gave up 52 hits, 38 runs, six homeruns, had a WHIP of 1.82, and had an earned run average of 7.97.  Those numbers aren’t misleading, either. He was that bad.

But what’s worse is that Joe Girardi kept sending him out there.

The last time that Capuano had a respectable season was in 2012 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The last time that Capuano was better than average was in 2005 with the Milwaukee Brewers. So yeah, Capuano hasn’t been good in 10 years.

With youngsters like Jacob Lindgren, Nick Goody, and Rookie Davis waiting in the wings, there is no reason why the Yankees should bring back Capuano.

Heck, if they need someone to pitch an inning while giving up 25 homeruns and walking no fewer than 102, I’m ready to go to work, boss.

Israel Gonzalez was born in the greatest borough that New York has to offer, The Bronx. Originally a Mixed Martial Arts writer, Israel started covering NY sports less than a year ago, which is only fitting given his ties to New York. Israel’s favorite NY teams, in no particular order, are the New York Yankees, New York City FC, the New York Jets, and the New York Knicks. He is looking forward to the next step in what has been an eventful journey.