4. Yoenis Cespedes

Next on the list is the man who helped lead the New York Mets to their first World Series appearance in 15 years.

Lacking a complete offense the Mets acquired Yoenis Cespedes at the trade deadline as he went on to have one of the best second halves in recent memory. Despite this strong second half there are still some question marks about Cespedes true talent, and if that talent warrants the kind of contract he can likely expect this offseason.

Cespedes has a lot of power at the plate as well as a strong arm in the outfield, but also has some rather significant flaws that at times overshadow his strengths. Someone will likely pony up the money to pay Cespedes, and they’ll get a good player, but he may be viewed as a mistake in the long term.

Despite his flaws, Cespedes will still likely command a salary upwards of $100 million, although it remains to be seen if a team will give him the sixth year he will likely want.

Patrick is a recent graduate of the University of California San Diego where he studied Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. He is also a lifelong baseball fan and has dreams of one day watching a Major League game in every stadium.