Call it blowing off steam or immaturity, but Milwaukee Bucks head coach and former NBA star Jason Kidd was none to please with four of his players.

By Patrick Comia

Boys will be boys, especially if they have money to spend.

Money makes the world go ’round, and can even make it “rain”. That’s what four Milwaukee players did at a Los Angeles-area “entertainment establishment” in the wee hours of Monday night.

The next day, the late-night partyers and the rest of their teammates paid the price, losing to the Lakers by 18 points. Of the four that partied it up, Khris Middleton scored the most points with 16. O.J. Mayofinished the night with nine points, two assists, and one rebound.

Head coach Jason Kidd, who is certainly no stranger to NBA life on the road, wasn’t amused by what his players did.

However, basketball analyst and former NBA player, Jalen Rose found the move by the Bucks players to donate their hard-earned money to the “entertainment industry” as “charitable”.

Rose is a favorite to listen to. He mixes in-depth, knowledgeable analysis and opinion with sarcasm. However, it’s hard to tell, sometimes, if he is being serious or not.

But in this instance, we are leaning in Kidd’s favor. He’s the one having to deal with these type of incidents on a daily basis.

For a last place team to have something like this occur with three of your regular players involved, that doesn’t send the right message to your fans.

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