Last night at the San Antonio Spurs basketball game, a couple was caught on the ‘Kiss Cam’, making for a funny interaction between sports and fans.

By Patrick Comia

Sometimes, you have to tip your hat to a team for their willingness to interact with the fanbase. One such interaction is the use of the jumbo-tron at sport events, and the dreaded ‘kiss cam’. Yes, that embarrassing five seconds of fame that many fans don’t want part of. It’s almost a game of a hide-and-go-seek, or Marco Polo for the event employees to capture unsuspecting patrons.

As a fan, you hide and try and be as inconspicuous as you can. And, they do their best to seek you out and embarrass you to no end in front of strangers.

All in the name of good, clean fun!

Well, one such moment occurred last night. A innocent couple was taking in a San Antonio Spurs basketball game, minding their own business in the stands somewhere in AT & T Center.

However, they were caught by the wandering eyes of the Spurs staff. What occurred was one of the more of the funnier exchanges between the sports world and fans.

Congratulations, you two! You both made social media stardem!

Though, many see it as ‘awkward’, we tend to see it as brilliant and creative. The initiation, the look-aways then panning-back of the camera, the interaction with the fans using subtitles. It’s almost personal, and that’s refreshing in today’s sports.

Next time you attend a game, be prepared to be in the spotlight. It’s five seconds out of your day, but it’s in the name of fun. So roll with it.

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