While speaking with Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver after helping his Carolina Panther improve to 13-0, Cam Newton provides a priceless reaction to a butt-slap.

By Robby Sabo

For those who’ve frequented locker rooms in their life, you know the feeling of a good-old fashioned butt-slap.

Oftentimes the regular butt-slap comes in a friendly way. No pain, no fuss. Other times, however, the sting remains implanted on one of your cheeks for quite some time.

You know the feeling. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton certainly knows this feeling too. The only difference with Newton’s feeling was that it gave us the chance to see a natural, priceless reaction.

While being interviewed by Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver following his team’s 38-0 dismantling of the Atlanta Falcons today, Newton was smacked in the rear by a teammate (video above). The teammate then chanted “M-V-P” a few times much to the enjoyment of Oliver.

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