Something unique happened during the Texas-Baylor game today. The sidelines actually cleared and a massive fight broke out on the football field.

By Robby Sabo

We’ve seen it many times in sports. Benches clear in baseball; five-on-five fights breakout in hockey; and the artist formerly known as Ron Artest gets things started to create the “Malice in the Palace.”

Fights and “disagreements” happen all the time.

Having said that, what we don’t often see are sidelines completely clear out during football games. Usually, a scrum will go down with each unit on the field, but rarely do sidelines leave their post.

Not the case during the Texas-Baylor game today.

After Texas Longhorns DB Duke Thomas picked off Baylor Bears QB Lynx Hawthorne (could there be any more fitting Big 12 QB name by the way?), Hawthorne decided to make things interesting on the ensuing tackle.

Things got charged up from there (video above).

Viner Cole Cubelic came up with this absolute classic of a line: “When you say the movie Creed last night but still play football for Texas.”

Texas wound up upsetting No. 12 Baylor 23-17.

H/T Vine