Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James decided to straight “out-class” Anthony Davis on this move to the rim.

When one thinks of LeBron James, one thinks of power and ferocity. His absolute beast-mode moves to the rim are so devastating they often come with NSFW warnings.

Defenders either move out of his way or feel the wrath en route to his newest poster.

On Friday night, however, James pulled off one of his “old-man” moves. With his Cleveland Cavaliers squaring off against the young New Orleans Pelicans, (yeah I still can’t get over the name of “Pelicans” either), LBJ abused young stud Anthony Davis (video above). Check out the up-and-under and crafty finish with the left hand The King displays to get one of the NBA’s stoutest shot-blockers off his feet.

But alas, don’t think the veteran’s power is completely missing from his game as later on he made sure to put it on full display:

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