The ageless wonder is appreciative of fans voting him into this year’s All-Star game, but admits the new format might be a bit too much, even for him.

By Patrick Comia

With this year’s NHL All-Star game in Nashville, there will be a change to the festivities the players will need to contend with.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the new overtime format during regular season hockey games, it showcases a unique brand of hockey that pits both teams in a three-on-three five minute offensive bonanza, where it literally comes down to which goalie will blink first.

It’s non-stop fast and furious action that is appealing to most fans, and becoming a great move by Commissioner Gary Bettman and his leadership trustees.

However, one player wants to avoid this all together. Jaromir Jagr took to twitter-verse and voiced his honesty about the fast-paced concept being introduced at this year’s All-Star game in Nashville:

Even the immortalist of hockey players admits when too much is too much, and would defer to the younger generation.

Jagr earned the right to sit this one out!

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