In last night’s NHL game between Central Division rivals, St. Louis Blues goalie Jake Allen stole the joy from the Blackhawks with a save-of-the year nomination.

By Patrick Comia

Somethings in life are guaranteed: the sun rising and setting, breathing in the air, and the sky being blue.

In hockey, wide-open nets are supposed to be that equivalent. Unfortunately, there is a variable that players must consider before shooting into a yawining net: the goalie.

The last line of defense, the one who is paid to keep pucks out and to confuse the living daylights of potential goal scorers.

Only a few in the NHL have this uncanny knack to leave their opponents in disbelief on a normal basis. But when you witness it, you can say you were there and saw the brilliance unfold.

In last night’s game between the St. Louis Blues and defending Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks, one such play made you get out of your chair and ask the question: How did he do that?

In a tied game, Blackhawks forward Marko Dano had a clear shot at a goal. However, Blues goalie Jake Allen had other plans and robbed the potential goal scorer of a sure-fire tally.

Allen must have been thinking: Don’t book it yet, Dano!

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