Jordan Zimmermann

Zimmermann has been one of the most consistent starters over the past 5 years. He’s not the top free agent in this class, but he should have the interest of several teams.

Prediction: San Francisco Giants, 6 years/$114 million.

Five straight seasons of sub-4.00 ERA ball, four straight of 190+ innings pitched, and one of the lowest walk rates in the league makes Jordan Zimmermann a more than attractive free agent this winter. He won’t turn 30 until May, and has lined himself up for a 9 figure pay day.

The Giants have an ace in Madison Bumgarner but they lack a legitimate number 2 behind him. Jake Peavy is a solid middle of the rotation guy, Chris Heston had highs and lows during his rookie season, and Matt Cain’s injury history and inconsistency makes him a total wild card. Peavy has just one year left on his contract, while Cain has only two more. The Giants have one of the higher payrolls in the league, and the pressure to win given their successful championship runs over the past several years makes acquiring another front of the rotation starter all the more necessary.