David Price

Price is coming off a typically stellar season, and could easily command $200 million, or more.

Prediction: Chicago Cubs, 7 years/$215 million.

Left handed, clear cut number 1’s are hard to come by. That’s what makes David Price the top free agent of this offseason. Price, who just turned 30 in August, is coming off a 220 inning, 225 strikeout, and American League leading 2.45 ERA in 2015. He’s going to anchor whichever staff he chooses to play for next season.

Why the Cubbies? Beyond Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester, the Cubs have little to offer in their rotation. Guys like Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel had nice regular seasons, but they didn’t fare well in the postseason. The Cubs have a roster oozing incredible positional talent, but lack the depth in the starting rotation to contend for the ultimate prize. The fact that Joe Maddon is Price’s former manager also could have an impact in swaying the big lefty to the north side of Chicago.

Will Price actually get a 7 year deal after turning 30? Yes, he will get 7 at a minimum. Last year Max Scherzer at age 30 signed a 7year/210 million dollar deal, and Price should be in that neighborhood without much difficulty.

Theo Epstein and the Cub front office know they need to add pitching to take the next step, and Price is going to be a prime target on their radar. His postseason struggles are well documented, but he’s just too darn good not to command a mammoth contract.