Alex Gordon

Gordon has played his entire career in Kansas City. Does he finish there?

Prediction: Kansas City Royals, 5 years/ $95 million.

Gordon is already one of the best defensive corner outfielders in the game, and usually presents solid numbers at the plate. He’s a doubles machine, has decent pop, and generates a good amount of walks. He’ll turn 32 later this winter and would come with draft pick compensation if KC fails to resign him.

It makes sense for Gordon to resign with the Royals simply because he has more value to them than any other team. They would not forfeit a draft pick, he fits in well in the clubhouse, and is popular amongst the fans. Gordon missed over six weeks with a groin injury earlier this year, which might make some teams concerned. Given his play in the postseason, KC knows he’s fine better than any other team. Gordon also fits the contact first approach used by Ned Yost’s side. Kansas City has never spent more than 5 years and 55 million on a player (Gil Meche) but it’s time they reward one of their most loyal soldiers.