Most Surprising Player

Houston Texans Quarterback Brian Hoyer

Wait… Brian Hoyer, really?

The quarterback of the 3-5 Houston Texans? The guy who was benched for a player who isn’t even on the team anymore?

Yes, that Brian Hoyer. Do not let the Texans’ record fool you, just take a look at Hoyer’s stats. He didn’t start for three games and he still ranks in the top 10 in touchdown passes. Wanna know what other categories Hoyer ranks in? He ranks in the top 10 in passer rating, yards-per-completion, and adjusted yards-per-pass.

Hoyer also has thrown the same amount of touchdown passes as Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck with less interceptions. Hoyer has thrown for 13 touchdowns and six interceptions versus Luck’s 13 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Hoyer playing better football than Luck? Talk about surprising.

Ryan Reynolds is pursuing a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Multiplatform Journalism at Sam Houston State University. He is an aspiring journalist and an avid sports enthusiast... it's also the only thing he watches on television.