Kansas City Royals outfielder Jonny Gomes had no issue saying “we whupped their ass” even though he wasn’t on the World Series roster.

By Robby Sabo

Typically, the biggest trash talkers and smack runners come from athletes on the field. They get so locked into the competition that verbal assaults on the opponent simply cannot be held back.

It’s understandable at times.

What’s also understandable is when a little smack talk flies after the ultimate goal is met: a championship. Guys let it all loose at the parade.

In this instance, however, it seems a little over the top.

Jonny Gomes, an outfielder for the World Champion Kansas City Royals decided to make his presence felt on stage. Not only was he carrying an American flag, he proclaimed that he was the “un-politically correct person.”


To top it off, he says “we whupped their ass” (in referring to the New York Mets).

This guy played a grand total of zero games during the 2015 postseason. The man wasn’t even on the Royals 25-man World Series roster. He basically held the same relevance as the hot dog guy at Kauffman Stadium – both Royals employees who helped the team in hidden ways, I suppose.

You might as well have gotten the guy who sells Cracker Jacks to make the same idiotic speech.

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        • Lol it’s one thing for a fan to say ” WE,” we all do that. It’s another thing for a player to be talking junk when he had no bearing whatsoever on the result. A fan with a “special ticket?” Yeah because that’s what the Royals acquired him for. He’s lucky he even gets a ring.

          • if you bothered to read any other more intelligent article more relevant to the WS and the influence Gomes has on his TEAMMATES then you would know that he DID have a bearing on the game. Colon himself thanked Gomes for the advice and encouragement Gomes gave him right before Colon hit that run in the 5th game that put the Royals ahead. Like Jeff said, “Lighten up, Francis!”

  1. such a stupid article. comparing Gomes to a hot dog vendor? you’re an idiot. does the hot dog vendor motivate these guys in the locker room and serve as a mentor? does the hot dog vendor get called out by the WS MVP to give the speech at the rally? do you know ANYTHING about the positive influence this guy has on his team mates and how they look up to him? Colon himself thanked Gomes for motivating him in game 5 -WHEN THE ROYALS WHUPPED THE METS ASS – before he went up to bat. mic drop on you, Sabo. STFU I’M not on the roster but I have no problem whatsoever saying “WE WON!!!!!”