The Washington Capitals captain scored his first goal of the regular season the ‘highlight’ way, proving why he is one of the most dangerous men on the ice.

By Patrick Comia

Whether you love him or hate him, Alex Ovechkin is one of the best in the modern day of the NHL. And last night helped solidify that statement.

In a game between the Devils and Capitals last night, both teams were locked in a 2-2 tie heading into the third period.

Well, that was no more when Ovechkin scored another of his highlight-worthy goals. To add to the magic, it was his first of the new season.

It was anything but simple, Ovi.

The mortalest of men wouldn’t be able to pull off that move. And very few in the NHL could either. Say for Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Steven Stamkos, John Tavares come to mind.

What do all of these players have in common with Ovechkin: SUPERSTAR status!

The rest of the NHL better be on guard, when the Great 8 comes a knocking.

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