Frank Franklin Ii/Associated Press
Frank Franklin Ii/Associated Press

The Yankees Will Get A New Second Baseman

It is safe to say that many New York Yankee fans were not very fond of last season’s second baseman situation. Stephen Drew, who finished with a .201 batting average, struggled to perform consistently and found himself left out of the lineup in favor of Dustin Ackley and Rob Refsnyder later in the year. Both Ackley and Refsnyder had their moments, but neither seems like an appropriate long term option for the Yankees. Ackley could find himself with a utility role next season but Refsnyder will likely struggle to make the Major League Club. This means that the Yankees will look to either the free agent or trade market to find themselves a new second baseman. Two possible free agent names are Daniel Murphy and Howie Kendrick. Murphy, who has spent all of his seven year career with the New York Mets, is a very solid player but likely wouldn’t end up trading one part of the city for another. Kendrick, a more realistic option, is 32 years old but has had a very productive major league career and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. He could definitely be a possibility for the Yankees but would end up commanding a decent contract which the club has tried to shy away from in recent years. If they are to look at the trade market, a name that could be floated around but would be highly unlikely, is Robinson Cano. The former Yankee’s production has slowed down since joining the Mariners and with managerial changes in Seattle, there is a very small chance that he could look to return to the Bronx. However, Cano’s current contract is enormous and Yankee fans would never forget the negotiation process that took place two years ago.