New York Yankees

Heading into the Postseason, Joe Girardi has some decisions to make. Who will be on the New York Yankees final ALDS Postseason roster?

By Jamie Martin

After clinching their first playoff berth in two seasons, the New York Yankees now face a one game wild card playoff.

If they can make it to the ALDS, there are some key decisions that potentially have the ability to decide their postseason fate. With key injuries, some new stars have emerged while others have struggled to match their past success. The Yankees need players to step up if they want to make a deep run in the playoffs.

The 2015 Yankees team is a very different one from those of the past.

They are underdogs, they need to prove themselves, and it won’t be easy. It is a diverse group, a blend of veterans and rookies, each and every single one of them as eager to succeed as the next. But it remains to be seen who will be included in the final group.

Regardless, the 25 men provided with the opportunity to play in the postseason will give their best to bring the World Series back to New York City.

Jamie Martin is an aspiring sports journalist who covers the MLB, MLS, and the English Premier League. He is a huge fan of the New York Yankees and Manchester United.