New York Yankees

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio tries to congratulate the New York Yankees via twitter, maybe he should stick to politics instead of sports.

By Steven Cifuentes

New York City Mayor Bill Deblasio decided today was the perfect day to congratulate the New York Yankees on making the 2015 postseason.

Sadly the tweet was an epic failure, it could be time for our mayor to pay a marketing firm to handle his tweets:

I am not sure exactly how New York became Baseball Town USA again. Is it because both teams are in the playoffs?  Someone needs to send a memo to Mr. DeBlasio that there are more than one New York team that made the playoffs.

Lets wait until there is a subway series before we start calling the city “Baseball Town USA”.  Is there even a thing called Baseball Town USA?

I have to assume our mayor was in the middle of the Yankees ridiculous clubhouse celebration when he tweeted this out to the masses. One too many drinks is the only way to explain this terrible tweet.

A part of me just wants a Subway Series, so I can hear what our mayor will bet against in the “state vs. state” World Series. 

Stick to politics Mr. DeBlasio and leave the tweeting to the kids.

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