4. Cincinnati Bengals: 3-0 

I think the Bengals have reached their ceiling in terms of power rankings. I mean, most fans would easily sign up for a #4 ranking anyways, but Marvin Lewis’s team has continued to get the job done. At least in terms of the regular season. But as Trent Dilfer stated the other day, it just seems that their’s been more follow-through and zip to Andy Dalton’s passes. Dalton as we know could be very Jeykll and Hyde.

The one question mark is why Jeremy Hill seems to be having a sophomore slump so far in the season. Instead of Giovanni Bernard whining to the teams front office about losing his #1 RB role, he accepted it for what it was, and now has had shown to possibly be the teams lead back again. It’ll be interesting to monitor who will be given the more carries and drives out on the field.

Again, with Terrell Suggs being out for the Ravens, and Big Ben missing some time with Pittsburgh, I’d have to assume the Bengals will win this AFC North.

3. Arizona Cardinals: 3-0 ↑

It’s Pick-6 City out in Arizona. Bruce Arians is something else. He’s got that team firing on all cylinders and it even looks as if Larry Fitzgerald turned back the clock playing his best football in quite some time. Heck, Chris Johnson had the biggest game this past Sunday that he’s had in quite a few years.

Carson Palmer’s knee injury last season might have been one those blessings in disguise considering he’s in the best playing shape of his life. He’s certainly playing like he is, and for that he’s got to be one of the best in-pocket QB’s in the league. I’m still high on the Seattle Seahawks, but this NFC West could be Arizona’s for the taking.

2. Green Bay Packers: 3-0 

Aaron Rodgers, I’d first off like to say thank you for your heroic performance as you helped my team come back from 27-points behind in my fantasy match-up. But seriously, watching Aaron Rodgers is a thing of beauty. His foot movement is compared to Joe Montana, and his quick release is reason as to why his passes are hardly ever batted down by the opposing line. This is all without one of the best WR’s in the game in Jordy Nelson too.

With really on the Vikings to worry about so far in the NFC North, the Packers will steam roll through this division and fight for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

1. New England Patriots: 3-0 

I’m sure Jimmy Garoppolo jerseys were immediately returned once Tom Brady was acquitted of all charges to the Deflate Gate. You know what, that whole thing only made Tom Brady that much hungrier to continue his hall of fame prowess in the game today.

He just picked up his 400th touchdown pass, and there’s no question he has his target on becoming the only QB to win five Super Bowls. The way the Patriots have been playing thus far, I don’t see any other team in the AFC outside of a Pittsburgh Steelers team that could beat New England. I say Pittsburgh because they were without Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant in that week 1 season opener to the NFL.

This organization seems to be as good as ever.

He is a former WFAN Production intern. Corey also graduated at Montclair State as well as a Certificate at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He looks to create a big splash with Elite Sports NY team!