16. Indianapolis Colts 1-2 

I would have never believed for a split second that the Colts would barely be 1-2 with Andrew Luck having already thrown seven interceptions. What was the point in signing Andre Johnson and drafting a Phillip Dorsett in the first round? Addressing both the offensive and defensive lines didn’t come to mind for Colts GM Ryan Grigson. Nevertheless, the AFC South might be regarded as the weakest division in the NFL.

As I mentioned before, with Arian Foster coming back and Marcus Mariota playing inspiring football for the Titans, this means Andrew Luck and the Colts can’t mess around anymore. Otherwise they might not who we thought they were (thank you Dennis Green).

15. Dallas Cowboys: 2-1 ↓ 

Again, without Romo and Dez for the next two months and possibly longer is basically getting two flat tires on the front of your vehicle. Brandon Weeden very briefly made those anxieties disappear for Jerry Jones by starting off the game 16-16 in pass attempts providing Dallas with a two-touchdown lead.

Let’s just say those two pivotal injuries had never occurred. I think we’re talking about not only them winning the NFC East, but being Super Bowl contenders. One positive sign is that post-life without Murray has been just fine with the emergence of Joseph Randle. The only question remains is will Matt Cassel get the start over Weeden soon?

14. Kansas City Chiefs: 1-2

If the Chiefs lose this upcoming game against Cincy, they could fall very far in these Power Rankings. Losing that Week 2 Thursday game to Denver was a real crusher. They had that game in their hands and they let it slip.

The Chiefs have the right personnel on both sides of the field and they don’t seem like a throw in the towel team just yet. After all, the season is still early, but it’s tough to tell scoping out the Chiefs season from here on out.

13. Minnesota Vikings: 2-1

Adrian Peterson had to get out some of the kinks back in Week 1’s loss against San Fran, but the last two weeks we’ve officially seen AP come back in full effect.

Minnesota’s defense have done a nice job for Head Coach Mike Zimmer. Their recent draft picks of Anthony Barr, Xavier Rhodes, Harrison Smith, Sharrif Floyd, Trae Waynes, and now LB Eric Hendricks, who led the team in tackles in last weeks game, are all providing a real youth movement on potential success.

Their upcoming schedule will continue to test just how much grit does this team really as they’ll have to face: Denver, Kansas City and Detroit

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