20. Philadelphia Eagles: 1-2 

I’ve never seen someone clean house after having a winning season. However, Chip Kelly did just that by kicking Pro-Bowlers out the door, like it’s a “what’s it to Chip” kind of ordeal. One can only wonder if he regrets the actions that he took while disrupting his teams morale.

His additions included Demarco Murray, whose currently hurt at the moment and not having been able to fit into Chip’s offense. He traded LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso, who was coming back from a torn ACL to now having partially tearing it yet again. And they spent all this money to bring in Byron Maxwell who so far really does look like a product of the Legion of Boom’s defense. Rookie WR Nelson Agholor looks like Maclin’s replacement so far? And best of all was for Chip to put his faith into Sam Bradford who hasn’t played in two straight seasons.

In any case, Chip Kelly has shown to be innovative at times and with the NFC East in its current flux, the Eagles can win back everyone’s hearts again by playing up to their high expectations heading into this season.

19. San Diego Chargers 

Year in and year out, I can’t seem to ever figure out Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. Maybe the Redzone channel didn’t get enough of this past game against the Vikings when you factor that SD had both more total yards and time of possession on the ball. And maybe once Antonio Gates comes back from his 4 game suspension (by the way his PEDs will probably cost him Canton) he could provide some extra insurance for Rivers.

18. New York Giants: 1-2 

It was a big sign to see MLB Jon Beason return to game action for the G-Men last Thursday. It’s also promising to note that Victor Cruz is closer to returning.

The Giants biggest weakness thus far has surely been the defensive line. Quarterbacks have had all day to throw it and I’ve gotta be honest, even with JPP on the team I don’t see a drastic improvement in terms of pressure. That’s not to say their have been some bright spots on this defense. If DRC comes back healthy for week 4 out in Buffalo, the Giants secondary can be very potent in causing some turnovers on Tyrod Taylor.

Eli Manning has also yet to throw an interception himself, and seems to have done well under McAdoo’s offensive system. Giants must take advantage of the Cowboy’s injuries if they want to claim their stakes on winning the NFC East.

17. St. Louis Rams 1-2 

Man, we all thought after that huge season opening win against the Seattle Seahawks that Jeff Fisher really had his pulse on this St. Louis team. Nope. Instead they lost to a Washington Redskins team fairly handedly and couldn’t make any opportunities come to fruition in this past Sunday’s game. “Rookie sensation” Todd Gurley had a debut in the books. More like in the gutters, the guy had 9 yards…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh_vLKlz2Mc]

Yup, nine times, I mean yards, 9-yards.

The point is Todd Gurley didn’t much to rave about and will certainly need to if the Rams stand a chance to be in the Wild Card hunt. Their defense has been stout and will be the focal point in carrying this teams success.

He is a former WFAN Production intern. Corey also graduated at Montclair State as well as a Certificate at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He looks to create a big splash with Elite Sports NY team!