24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-2

If I had to rate Jameis Winston on a scale of 1-10, since that’s all that anybody really cares about, I guess you can say he’s been a 5½ out of 10.

Tampa Bay has winnable games coming up in their schedule: vs Carolina, vs Jacksonville, @ Washington. Also, with Mike Evans getting 17 targets in last game, if he and Jameis can continue to build a rapport together, they could be a fun duo to watch throughout this season.

23. Miami Dolphins: 1-2

Rounding out the Florida teams are the Miami Dolphins.  Joe Philbin’s message doesn’t seem to be getting across a room with a lot of talent under his hands. Every game so far the Dolphins have so far looked half-a**ed.

Ndamukong Suh looks like he just robbed the Dolphins blind considering he has given them a total of 7 tackles and a donut-hole in the sacks category. Not only that, but reports have it that he basically does what ever the hell he wants to do out there by disregarding the assigned plays that have been called. Which means, it messes up everyone else and the defense and team itself just isn’t on the same page.

The offense is just as frustrating. Lamar Miller, where are you? Ryan Tannehill was starting to fill out that ceiling of his and all of sudden looks like he just walked back onto Texas A&M as a WR initially in his football career. The Dolphins have the Jets, Titans and Texans coming up. They’ll have to turn things around.

22. Tennessee Titans: 1-2 

Coach Ken Whisenhunt started designing his playbook surrounding Marcus Mariota well-on even before drafting him. A Chip Kelly package consisting of Pro Bowl nose tackle Fletcher Cox wasn’t enough to entice the Titans to give up on their franchise QB. So far I can see as to why Mariota created the biggest buzz heading into the draft and onto the season.

Mariota’s stat line through three games: 61-97, 833 passing yards, 8 TDs/2 INTs , 109.2 QB rating.

That’s living up to the billing as his Titans nearly pulled the major upset over Andrew Luck and the Colts. Why Mariota didn’t trust his gut to throw it on the 2pt conversion – to force a potential overtime – is beyond me though.

21. Houston Texans: 1-2 ↑

It’s a fainted green pointing up arrow for the Texans. Fainted, because you were able to pull off a big win at home against Jameis Winston.

HBO’s Hard Knocks team this year may also have good news in store. Arian Foster looks to be steadily closer towards his return back onto the field and that kind of impact player to come back on any team is a true game-changer. Coach Bill O’Brien has already played the QB carousel game between Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett, but I think at this point it’s Mallett’s job to lose.

Another note, why is Jadeveon Clowney not doing anything? He’s certainly getting a whole bunch of snaps so far in these games and hasn’t amounted to anything. He’s now officially a bust until proven otherwise. J.J. Watt can’t do it alone.

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