32. Chicago Bears: 0-3 

So wait, let me get this straight. You would think the Bears front office at this point should already know how unstable of a QB they have in Jay Cutler right? Well that’s obviously wrong. They’re idiots for lack of a better word.jay-cutler-baby

Let’s immediately re-sign Jay to a 7-year deal, $18 million a season with $54 million guaranteed as the first off-season move after the 2013 season. That was former GM’s Ray Emery’s doings, but either way, current GM Ryan Pace is just as more of a moron.

You’re going to keep Jimmy Clausen as your back up QB? Look, I know the Bears were going up against Seattle, in Seattle, and with the return of Kam Chancellor, but to punt after every possession might have made fans in Chicago want to throw up. Alshon Jeffrey needs to get back into action this Week 4 and maybe the baby boy Jay Cutler can also come back at some point from a hamstring injury.

31. New Orleans Saints: 0-3

The Saints haven’t been blown out in any of their three losses but the fact remains that things haven’t been easy in the Big Easy. You’re probably better off rooting for the LSU Tigers. But, there is a bit of some good news involving Drew Brees’s shoulder. Apparently the only Doctor that’s able to examine shoulders and arms is Dr. James Andrews, who says that he’s optimistic that Brees will be day-to-day and could give it a shot for this upcoming week against Dallas. Outside of that, Sean Payton and the Saints have put themselves in a big hole with two of their division rivals having started undefeated.

30. Cleveland Browns: 1-2 ↔ 

Unless Coach Pettine snaps out of it and gives the people what they want, then the Browns will just continue to sit comfortably as a bottom feeder.

Last year, I’ll give credit to Pettine’s first year as head coach though; he got some juice flowing into that team by at least making themselves contenders. I understand certain seniorities, given that Josh McCown has been in the league longer than Johnny Manziel but “Johnny Football” finally lived up to his name by beating Marcus Mariota in week 2 and flipped the switch for an awful Week 1 performance against the Jets.

Who, of course, started in that game? Josh McCown. Maybe I really don’t understand certain seniorities, I know for a fact that Cam Newton can’t seem to either with Ed Hochili.

Do the right thing Pettine. We want to see more Johnny to Travis Benjamin extended plays with a little improvisation long haul passes for crying out loud! Until then, I’m not sure how this team will be trending.

29. Detroit Lions: 0-3 

I can’t say that the Lions looked flat out awful on Sunday Night in their loss against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. And they didn’t necessarily look awful when they were up 21-3 before blowing their season opener to the San Diego Chargers either. I mean they still have Megatron, Golden Tate’s 1300 receiving yards in 14′, the hot-shot UNC Tarheel in TE Eric Ebron, and a little Ameer Abdullah action now in the mix. Still though, the Detroit Lions find themselves 0-3 purring like little puddy cats instead of roaring with that kind of talent like true LIONS should.

I realize this is a physical game and the longer you play it, you’re bound at some point on endangering yourself towards getting battered up. Unfortunately Matthew Stafford is in a lot of endangerment. (FYI for your Fantasy Teams.) Stafford’s ribs and back soreness should possibly consider sitting out a month of football. The next two weeks you’ve got Seattle and Arizona, the NFL’s most prolific defenses right now. My feeling is he’ll still play, in which whether he’s injured or not he still would give DET the best chance to win. However my other feeling is that this red-trending downwards arrow that you see along side the team’s record will probably continue to drop as the Lions will by then go 0-5. First car dealerships, the Detroit Tigers cleaning house, and now their Lions. Cancel Thanksgiving in Detroit.

He is a former WFAN Production intern. Corey also graduated at Montclair State as well as a Certificate at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He looks to create a big splash with Elite Sports NY team!