New York Yankees

The New York Yankees certainly do not look like a team that’s about to embark on a Wild Card game. Instead, they’ve been embarrassed by getting swept from the Boston Red Sox.

By Corey Aron

Game 1: Monday, Red Sox 5 – Yankees 1
Game 2: Tuesday, Red Sox 10 – Yankees 4
Game 3: Wednesday, Red Sox 9 – Yankees 5
Game 4: Thursday, Red Sox – Hill (2-0) vs Yankees – Sabathia (5-10)

Add another week to the season and the New York Yankees wouldn’t make it to this once all-but-certain AL Wild Card game. That’s how poorly they’re currently playing.

Tanaka’s first start since Sep. 18 and he didn’t look like the $155 million dollar acquisition we initially thought he was going to be for us. He could only muster a total of 34-pitches which included giving up a three-run shot to the ever-so scary Travis Shaw, getting things off and flying in the first-inning.

Perhaps I’m being harsh. Quite honestly, I haven’t even scratched the surface on being harsh.

How about 25 HRs given up from Masahiro in 24 of his starts. So this whole talk on who’s going to pitch this Wild Card game and your supposed ace of the staff gives up at least a dinger per every start is like saying the quarterback on your football team is going to at least throw for one interception for every game in the season.

It gets better.

Tanaka’s stuff was so mediocre tonight that he forced the Red Sox lineup to swing-and-miss a lousy two times in his five-innings pitched. Boy, that splitter really reminds us all of Roger Clemens huh?

Maybe I’m just being a sour Yankees fan at the moment, but if you aren’t feeling the way that I am, then maybe you should re-consider your fanship for this team. Just an absolutely disgusting and embarrassing series thus far against our hated rivals.

Clinching a playoff berth was in the Yankees hands tonight, and they let it slip away yet again.

The Twins lost, the Angels lost, we have bases loaded for Brett Gardner and he swings at the first pitch for a measly little ground-out. It’s sickening to watch folks. You know ever since Mark Teixeira called it quits for the remainder of the season, that basically did it for me.

They want to make the Wild Card game, go for it. And even if they win, you know who they have to face? You guessed it! The Toronto Blue Jays, who are 13-6 against the “Bronx Bombers.”

Perhaps I need to sleep this one off.

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He is a former WFAN Production intern. Corey also graduated at Montclair State as well as a Certificate at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He looks to create a big splash with Elite Sports NY team!