Ever wonder what announcers do when they have time to kill, well Steve Young decided to entertain the fans with a Ray Lewis dance.

By Steven Cifuentes

The life of football announcers is not as glamorous as we all think it is.  There is a ton of downtime waiting for the producers to get the perfect shot, or for you to get the call from the booth it is time to roll.

This being the case, Steve Young of ESPN asked himself “what better way to spend his downtime then to entertain the Green Bay Packers faithful with his version of the Ray Lewis Dance.” Videos came out of Young doing his rendition of the Ray Lewis prior to taking his turn in front of the microphone for ESPN Monday Night Countdown.  Looking back at Lewis in action the moves are there, but I take Lewis’s passion any day of the week.

Young took years to get out from under Joe Montana’s shadow, I wonder how long it will take for him to master the Ray Lewis.

I am just hoping he doesn’t take the impression too far and start covering up murders during his down time.

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