In yesterday’s game between the Eagles and Cowboys, two former teammates meet on the sidelines, and one still can’t let go of the past.

By Patrick Comia

Have you ever had times where you wish you could just slap somebody for doing something boneheaded?

Well, that moment came last night for the Dallas Cowboys, as they battled in an ugly affair with the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.

In a game marred by incomplete passes, injuries, dropped balls, and penalties, there was a stroke of brilliance brought to us by Eagles running back Demarco Murray.

You knew the running back wanted to do something special and humiliate his former team, in some way.

Well, he got his wish in this play from yesterday.

As the third quarter was running down, the Eagles were able to drive down the field. Down 13-0, Murray lined up in the backfield with quarterback Sam Bradford.

As the play develops, Murray swings right, where Bradford targets him. The rest of the play is all the running back!

He catches the ball, and turns up field. As if he were an Olympics, he hurdles over Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr, gets the first down, and goes out of bounds on Dallas’ side.

He runs into former teammate Dan Bailey, and sticks the football in his chest. Instead of backing down, Bailey does the unthinkable…he tries to hold onto Murray, as you would an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who just broke up with you.

Demarco Murray
via YouTube, NFL

I mean his attempts to show his former teammate that he is not taking his crap was pretty hilarious. And futile!

As a result, the Cowboys were penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct from their kicker, THEIR KICKER!

Just three words come to mind: COME ON MAN!!!

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