3. Girardi vs Gibbons

Whether you’re a Yankees fan or Blue Jays fan, it doesn’t matter. You’re all baseball fans.

And as baseball fans you realize Joe Girardi is light-years ahead of John Gibbons as an MLB manager.

First off, nobody handles a bullpen better than Girardi. He places each of his guys in the most appropriate position of strength allowing for max potential.

What he does best, however, is rest guys (which is sorely needed for a veteran team) to the fullest effect. Although many Yankees fans routinely get frustrated with the level of rest he divides to his regulars, it keeps these tired legs as fresh as can be down the stretch.

Gibbons on the other hand is a complete product of his players. With an overall record of 544-533 and no playoff appearances in seven-plus seasons with the team north of the border, I’ll take my chances with Girardi any day.