On Twitter, there was an image posted by @SNFonNBC showing a fan wearing Packers garb, at the Giants/Cowboys NFL game held at Jerry’s World

By Patrick Comia

Some fans can’t wait till Week 1 of the NFL to get underway. It’s been months of pent up fandom for those.

You know the ones, the people that say, “I can’t wait to show up at the Giants/Cowboys game in Dallas and wear my favorite smack talk shirt in front of all them fans!”

Then, you just shake your head and move on.

Well, that moment came today on Twitter. A tweet had been circulating for the past two hours, showing a Packers fan (aka Cheese Head), in his favorite team’s colors. He had the cheese head gear, but wore a t-shirt that made reference to a controversial play that is still being talked about.

Guess some fans can never let go of the past. Ehhh, Cowboys fans?

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