The “throat slashing” gesture made a minor comeback after the Florida Gators scored a touchdown, creating a tirade from head coach Jim McElwain on the sideline.

By Patrick Comia

Remember the throat slashing gesture? One where a football player would make take his hand and make a “cutting” movement across the neck area, after scoring a touchdown.

It was a popular trend a couple of years ago. However, the NCAA has deemed unnecessary and outlawed it from being used on the field.

Well, it made a minor comeback yesterday.

In a game played in Gainesville, FL, the Florida Gators took on the East Carolina University Pirates in front of a packed Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, aka The Swamp.

In the fourth quarter, junior running back Kelvin Taylor put the Gators ahead 31-17 when he ran a seven-yard play into the end zone.

But, it was the aftermath of the play that got people’s attention, especially his head coach Jim McElwain.

The bone-headed gesture was flagged by the referees on site, and penalized Taylor’s team 15 yards on the following kick off.

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