New York Yankees

The rumors circulating as of late are true. Mark Teixeira will miss the rest of the regular season and playoffs for the New York Yankees.

By Gerard Oberle

For the large majority of the New York Yankees season it looked as if injury prone Mark Teixeira would finally remain healthy for an entire season.

Well, not so fast.

It was revealed today that Tex will be gone for the remainder of the 2015 MLB season due to a fracture in his leg. This includes the playoffs should the Bombers get there.

Not only was Teixeria playing a crucial role for the Yankees, batting in the middle of the order, he had been producing at an all-star level.

If the Yankees do in fact succeed in the playoffs it will be due to other key Yankees stepping up immensely.

One name that immediately come to mind is rookie first basemen Greg Bird, who’ll now be the regular first-baseman.

If Bird is able to build off his early rookie success it will be a huge shot in the arm for the hobbling, older Yankees. Still, by no means is Bird the only Yankee needing to pick up the slack. 2015 all star and once .300 hitter, Brett Gardner, is in dire need of a hot stretch.

You’d also like to think at some point Jacoby Ellsbury will live up to his pay check, now being an ideal time to start.

Then there are the Yankees who have been playing well of late (minus the fact the whole team seems to be slumping right now). Players such as Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Alex Rodriguez, and Didi Gregorius must continue there success for the Yankees to succeed going forward.

There’s no simple way around the loss of player as productive as Mark Teixeira was. This is a major loss for the Yankees. Whether or not they can overcome such a loss is yet to be seen.

In my personal opinion, this is a club looking more and more likely to finish in second place, and by virtue of such, a club being forced to settle for a wild card birth. This weekend’s four game set with the Blue Jays could go a long way in vindicating the 2015 Yankees one way or the other.

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