New York Yankees

The New York Yankees coaching staff need to take their bullpen binders and throw them away this weekend against the Toronto Blue Jays.

By Steven Cifuentes

Every New York Yankees fans knows when a starting pitcher is starting to fatigue. All they need to do is look down into the Yankees dugout and watch Joe Girardi and his coaching staff start to pull out his famous bullpen matchup binders.

This weekend, first place is on the line and it is time for Girardi to take his binders and start a little bon-fire in the trainers room.  The Yankees had an eye towards this series vs. the Toronto Blue Jays by making sure their bullpen was rested.

Some questioned Girardi’s use of the bullpen last series vs. the Baltimore Orioles, but he will look like a genius if he utilizes his rested bullpen correctly over the next four games.

The one strength the Yankees have over every team in Major League Baseball is the depth in the pen.  The next four games need to be handled as if they are six inning games and then let the pen loose to shut the door.

It is time for Girardi to look back at the Joe Torre method of bullpen handling and have a blind eye towards tomorrow and only worry about the game being played today.

Dellin Betances, Chasen Shreve and Andrew Miller should be ready like Tanyon Sturtze was back in the dynasty days for the Yankees.  If it means Miller is ready for a four out save two days in a row it has to be done.  Could Shreve be asked to pitch three of four game with multiple innings per game?  Not only could he, but if the Yankees have the lead late he has to be ready.

The time is now to not worry about match ups and just bring the best vs. the Blue Jays. The Yankees need to prove once and for all who is the team to beat in the AL East.

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