Even though there have only been 4 games played so far in the Premier League, have Manchester City already reclaimed their place on top?

By Connor Orchard

We’re only a month into the Premier League, but it looks like we could already be seeing this year’s Premier League champion, and it isn’t Chelsea. Instead it’s the team that have been their main rival for the title these past two years, Manchester City.

There have only been 4 games played, and so far, City are looking flawless. They have won every single game so far, and haven’t struggled in any of them. Every single one of their players are running like a well oiled machine, and they don’t look to be stopping any time soon.

But even though Chelsea have had their worst start in years to the new season, there are still some teams who can be classed as challengers for the title…right?

Apart from Chelsea, Manchester United is the only other team that I think can be classed as Premier League title challengers, and to be quite honest, even that’s a stretch.

Manchester United haven’t looked like the dominant team they once were ever since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club. They had that one tragic year under David Moyes that saw them finish 7th in the league. Then hey brought in Louis Van Gaal to take over as manager, and not a lot has changed. United finished 4th last season, and have no reclaimed their place the in the Champions League, but other than that, there is still no life in the team that were once the most dominant team in the Premier League.


Van Gaal has spent an astonishing £250m since taking over as Manchester United manager, and he still has nothing to show for it. Will that change this year? Probably not. There looks to be only one team that can win the Premier League this year, and that is Manchester City.

Since the end of last season, Manchester City have been busy. They realized they needed to light the flame inside, and they needed to start this season strong, and they have done exactly that. Throughout the transfer window, the club have strengthened their squad, and now because of that they have one of, if not the strongest squad in the Premier League.

There are some new faces in the Manchester City squad in Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne, and with these new faces comes an array of talent that can only be a good thing for the club.

Premier League fans have already seen what Raheem Sterling can do, as he was arguably Liverpool’s strongest player last season, but what about Kevin De Bruyne?

De Bruyne signed for Manchester City last week for a staggering £54.5m. Is he worth that kind of money? At the moment, there is only one answer, and that answer is no. But he is a young player, and has already proved that he has bags of talent, and in the long run he could prove to be a worthy investment.

In his first interview with the club, De Bruyne said this:

“I want to reach the highest level possible as a player and I think the most important thing is that at the end of the season we can be happy and maybe have some titles.

Will De Bruyne take the central spot of David Silva? Possibly. But The idea of moving City’s best attacking midfielder to accommodate a much younger, and much less experienced player seems ridiculous. The problem is though, they both do take central roles, both for their club and country.

Although on the other hand, David Silva did play on the right hand side for Spain when they took on Slovakia in the Euro 2016 qualifiers. It was a spot that he did look comfortable in, as he earned the man of the match award for that game, and in result could give some proof that he could take that wider role, and allow De Bruyne to play more central. And even though Silva played mostly central all of last season for Manchester City, he has played quite a fair bit of his career on the left or right hand side of the pitch.

So with how Manchester City have acted, does this mean they have already confirmed their place as Premier League champions? Only time will tell. But I can tell you one thing. It could be a long season for fans of other clubs.

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