1. Pittsburgh Penguins

  • 2014-15 Finish: 4th Place

Just like a good movie there is one enemy in the Metropolitan Division. An enemy so vile, Rangers, Islanders, and Flyers fans can find common ground in their disdain. That villain is Sindey Crosby and his Pittsburgh Penguins.

If you kick the nearest object (animate or inanimate) every time Crosby pirouettes through the air, or cringe every time you see Evegni Malkin’s ugly mug, then you understand the frustration watching your favorite team take on the boys from Pittsburgh. Well, as the added a huge piece to their dislike-able puzzle with the off-season acquisition of Phil Kessel. Kessel is a dynamic goal scorer, with great speed. The thought of he and Crosby on the ice together will make opposing defenseman a bit uncomfortable to say the least.

The Penguins did battle their share of injuries last season. Olli Maatta, Kris Letang, Pascual DuPuis, and Malkin all missed significant time. With a healthy group this team will score. Defense might be their biggest weakness, but they have some solid veterans mixed with improving youngsters. Expect the Penguins to pick up the pieces of yet another disappointing season, and get back to the top of the Metropolitan Division.

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