With the 2015 NFL regular season just around the corner, hype videos and pump up sounds are coming fast. Here’s one for Sam Bradford.

By Robby Sabo

Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Sam Bradford has played in seven total games in the last two seasons. In fact, he’s only laced them up for 49 of a possible 80 NFL games in his five seasons.

Those numbers, folks, are a terrible return on investment when considering this is a first overall pick of the NFL Draft.

So, the Rams decided to wipe the slate clean and ship him to Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

Despite the man never coming up with a way to stay healthy, Eagles fan on YouTube, Chipadelphia Eagles, decided to put this hype video together right in time for Eagles fans to start puffing their chests about the upcoming campaign.

It’s official. If we can use Bradford in a video with Rocky Balboa narrating combined with a song titled “Warrior,” we can do just about anything on the internet these days and not get laughed at.

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