Seeking a good showing- Tiger Woods

As a fan of Tiger Woods, it’s been hard to see him fall from the perch he stood on for so long.

Once the most dominant and feared players in golf, he has become the opposite. Working through injuries, swing changes, possible mental blocks on the course, or his publicized private life have all factored into his once invincible fortress of solitude into a straw house that can be easily blow away by a bigger, and meaner wolf.

Still, there is no denying of his accomplishments in this Major. Woods has hoisted the Wanamaker Trophy four times. His last came in a defending champion-fashion in 2007.

However, his play of late has left many to wonder, and criticize, his ability to even get the ball in the fairway, let alone being a factor in a golf tournament. Woods has become a punch line of jokes, with much of it from his own doing.

Still, he still draws the attention of fans, whether he is in first or last place. With a good showing in his last tournament, it should give Woods confidence heading into tomorrow.

We just want a good showing that he can back up his words. Woods doesn’t have to win. That would just be a bonus for his fans.

No, just be there on Sunday and make a strong statement that progress is really happening.

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