Minnesota Timberwolves youngster Zach LaVine continued his torrid dunk streak with this dandy from the Seattle Pro-Am.

At this point in time Minnesota Timberwolves young stud Zach LaVine can simply retire from the NBA and tour city to city. He’d get paid big bucks to become a professional dunker and haul in those endorsements.

All joking side, this kid is ridiculous.

Check out his latest dunk coming to us straight from the Seattle Pro-Am this past weekend. LaVine threw the ball off the freaking wall from three-point land, only to corral it seamlessly with his right hand in mid-flight to flush it down in nasty style.

He also provided us with one of his patented between the legs throw-downs that we’ve all come accustomed to.

What in the world is next for the kid? Short of strapping a jet-pack to his back, he might be running out of ideas.

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