6. Los Angeles Dodgers

Speaking of those Los Angeles Dodgers, only two games now separates them and the defending World Series Champions. They’ll keep trucking along with their two aces.

5. New York Yankees

Prior to Wednesday night’s game against Boston, the New York Yankees plated 90 runs in their last 10 games. A dominant bullpen and a lineup to die for (2nd in MLB with 525 runs) has the Bronx Bombers dreaming big.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates

How good are the Pittsburgh Pirates? It’s too bad that they play in the NL Central. If they didn’t, no Wild Card games would be in their future.

3. Houston Astros

Although they’ve just been average as of late, they’ve taken advantage of an Angels free-fall and now lead the AL West by 1.5. The additions of Carlos Gomez and Kazmir could loom large.

2. Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals have to still be considered the favorites in the AL. Many people are still trying to figure out how they get it done. However, we do know they get it done (2nd most wins in MLB, 63).

1. St. Louis Cardinals

The model franchise in MLB, the St. Louis Cardinals, will top the power rankings until they show some signs of weakness. Leading the bigs with a 67-39 record, manager Mike Matheny has his club exactly where he wants it.