12. Washington Nationals

There’s no stock dropping faster than the Washington Nationals. Getting swept by the Mets and then losing to the Diamondbacks on Monday, Bryce Harper and company are in trouble. So much for “best team on paper” material.

11. Los Angeles Angels

Mike Trout and the Angels better be careful or the Astros will build a lead they simply cannot contend with. Pitching will be the reason they sink or float the next two months.

10. Toronto Blue Jays

No AL team improved their chances at a postseason berth more than the Toronto Blue Jays. While it’s tough to see a top prospect like Daniel Norris go, making the playoffs for the first time since 1993 needs to be the priority for a starved fanbase.

9. Chicago Cubs

Jon Lester has a 2.08 ERA in his last nine starts. If he gets going down the stretch, the Chicago Cubs will have one wild pennant chasing ride in them.

8. New York Mets

This side of Toronto, the New York Mets enjoyed the top MLB awakening during the trade deadline. The club swept away the Nats, took first place, and have now won six straight games behind their studly pitching and a rejuvenated lineup. Nobody will want to face this pitching rich club in a short series.

7. San Francisco Giants

The tried and tested San Francisco Giants will never fall out of the Top 10 based purely on their character and merit. The Dodgers better be careful the rest of the way.