24. Cleveland Indians

The only thing more disappointing than the horrid 2015 for Terry Francona’s Cleveland Indians would be another LeBron James departure.

23. Cincinnati Reds

The fire-sale was officially on once MLB turned their attention away from Todd Frazier and the MLB All-Stars. Johnny Cueto is now the only happy man who’s played for the Reds this season.

22. Boston Red Sox

Regardless of how sparkly your lineup might look heading into the season, it doesn’t garner immediate success. The Boston Red Sox offense simply hasn’t gotten it done to offset a brutal rotation.

21. Seattle Mariners

Another enigma comes from Seattle as the Mariners aren’t exactly what we thought they were heading into 2015. Robbie Cano cannot get on track and their 50-59 record has many still scratching their heads.

20. Texas Rangers

Only a 6-4 record in their last 10 and some feel good moments post All-Star break has gotten the Texas Rangers (53-53) up to No. 20 in the rankings.

19. Tampa Bay Rays

We once thought Kevin Cash’s amazing rookie managerial campaign would contend with the Yankees all season long. Not any longer as the Tampa Bay Rays have exposed themselves.