2. Cal Ripken Jr. Finishes Where He Started

There were three things that were certain during Cal Ripken Jr’s career.  These were death, taxes and that Cal Ripken would be in the starting lineup for the Baltimore Orioles.

Ripken played an unbelievable 2,632 games before advising his manager at the time it was time to take him out of the lineup vs. the Yankees.

While the curtain-call and lap Ripken took around the field will always be the top moment in his career, the way he was honored at his last All-Star game in 2001 is a close second.

Ripken stood tied for the most All-Star games started at shortstop going into the 2001 game.  The problem was he would never break that record, because he had to switch to third base due to his lack of range.

Alex Rodriguez was voted in as the starting shortstop for the 2001 game, but instead of running out to shortstop to start the game he made a beeline to third-base and pushed Ripken to where he belonged, starting shortstop for the American League.

The move allowed Ripken to break the record for most starts as an All-Star shortstop.  He ended up going out in style, leading off the third inning with a solo home run and walking away with the MVP award.

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