3. Mariano Rivera Stands Alone

The words that come to mind when fans think of Mariano Rivera are domination and class.  There was no athlete, of this generation, that lived up to the definition of a role model better.

Mariano’s career stats have been mentioned over and over and still make people think how does a man do that with one pitch.  Bring up his postseason stats and it is easy to see why many people believe he was the MVP during the Yankees late 1990s dynasty.

In 2013, Rivera announced he would be retiring from baseball.  This afforded Major League Baseball to see him out like a great of the game deserved.

At the end of the 7th Inning the crowd got quiet as Metallica’s Enter Sandman blared from the Citi Field speakers.  The fans erupted as everyone knew they were about to see a legend take the All-Star mound for the last time.

As Mariano got the mound grab the ball and attempted to warm up he realized all of his American League teammates were still on the bench.

In typical Mariano fashion he took his cap off and thanked all the players and fans and went out and pitched a scoreless inning to take home the game MVP honors.

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