5. 1970 All-Star Game, Pete Rose vs. Ray Fosse

Pete Rose earned the nickname Charlie Hustle way before the 1970 All-Star Game.  The nickname was backed up when he decided this “exhibition” game meant so much to him he had to take out Ray Fosse in the 12th Inning to score the winning run.

Rose jarred the ball loose in a play that has gone down in infamy.

Fosse ended up playing with pain in his arm the rest of his career and still to this day cannot lift his arm above his head.

It was not until a year later that Fosse discovered Rose had fractured his shoulder and it healed in place.

While Rose tends to be remembered more for his gambling exploits, it was these moments that will be played over and over if the Hall of Fame ever opens the doors to him.

My only question is, did Rose have the over on the game or the National League on the money line?

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