In MLB history only one man made the over the shoulder catch glamorous, Willie Mays. Miami Marlins’ Cole Gillespie is trying to compete.

By Robby Sabo

If there’s one truly glamour play in the outfield of MLB, it’s the one that former New York/San Francisco Giants center-fielder Willie Mays made famous over half a century ago.

Sure, gunning out runners and robbing home runs gets the attention of chicks, but the over the shoulder catch beats them all. Mays knew this.

It appears Miami Marlins outfielder Cole Gillespie also knows this. Marlon Byrd can testify.

During the Marlins game with the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday, Byrd crushed one to center-field. All Gillespie did was make baseball fans everywhere think of that famous Mays catch in 1954 (video above).

He robbed at least a double (possibly a triple) from Byrd in second-inning with a truly magnificent over the shoulder snag.

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