And the world makes it latest around the NBA. Specifically, the “alleged” attempts by Dallas Maveriks owner Mark Cuban to contact then-free agent DeAndre Jordan to inquire if he would be joining his NBA franchise.

According to, Jordan had verbally agreed to sign a four-year contract to play in Dallas last week.

However, this morning news was abuzz with him staying with the Los Angeles Clippers for the same amount of years offered by the Mavericks, worth $88 million dolllars (22 million per year).

As the this turn of events was still being processed, information was brought to light that the Mavericks owner had been trying to contact Jordan’s family and friends to try and contact him.

And then, we have this, a twitter war between ESPN basketball insider Chris Broussard and Mark Cuban:

Whoosh! Well, gotta love social media. Instant gratification! And you can let the whole world know what’s on your mind. Get everyone involved!

At least Cuban offered to donate to a good cause, and not lose his mind. Ok Broussard, the ball is in your court!

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