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Even though Alex Rodriguez didn’t make the 2015 MLB All-Star team, he should’ve been selected and playing in Cincinnati next week.

By Michael Iuzzini

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Alex Rodriguez, possibly for the first time in a decade, can look in the mirror and finally see an honest athlete.

A-Rod, without a doubt, has been Major League Baseball’s whipping boy for the performance enhancing plague that has spread through baseball during recent times.

Rodriguez stood alone as he was handed a full season suspension which led to multiple verbal and personal attacks on the troubled New York Yankees designated hitter.  Not only was a season lost, but the Yankees did not hold back any punches.  The team filed suit in having to pay A-Rod any bonus cash on achievements as he reached and surpassed major league records.

Alex does not warrant any coddling for what he went through.  He is a grown man and every decision he made was on him. A-Rod wrecked his career by his choices and forever will have to pay for it.

What needs to happen is all of baseball – from the leagues suits, the players and fans – need to recognize and accept what he is doing right now.

A-Rod finished 5th in the All-Star game voting for DH.

The All-Star reserves was announced tonight and Rodriguez did not make the cut, but it wasn’t for a lack of production.

I do not think anyone, including Alex, thought that he’d comeback after missing an entire season and be productive.  Not only has A-Rod produced to the tune of a .284 batting average, 16 home runs, and 47 RBI, but he is an influential piece to the Yankees success.

The Yanks right now sit one-game up on Baltimore and A-Rod’s stick has much to do with where they are.  Rodriguez has found a way to keep his head up and that’s just playing baseball.  Fans have come around and the Bronx jeers are now cheers.

As Alex came out for a curtain call after his 3,000th career hit, his response as he tipped his cap was more of a thank you to his fans.  The fans gave the Yankee DH a merited moment.

Before we judge Rodriguez for what he has done, it’s time to give him a pat on the back for what he is doing.  A trip to Cincinnati would have been nice but I think another ring might be better.

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