Now that we’re halfway through the 2015 MLB season, we feel it’s the perfect time to analyze the awards race in all the land.

By Kevin Flynn

The 2015 MLB season is about a week away from reaching the half way point.

After 75 games, give or take few rain-outs, there are already some clear-cut runaways for end of the year awards. At the same time, this is baseball and “anything can happen Suzyn.”

Many of the players can make up ground by getting hot and carrying their respective teams to the playoffs. However, the first half performance of these winners should not be taken lightly. Hence, we should give out some mid-season awards for the first half of the season.

Here are the leaders for our mid-season MLB awards race:


  1. I love the “Finally!” attitude about Harper. Finally?? He won’t turn 23 for another three months! Pity the poor Nats, who “suffered” through two 20-homer years and then one injury-decimated year before they “got their money’s worth.”