After witnessing the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, there were three highlights that stood out making it memorable to hockey fans everywhere.

By Patrick Comia

Another draft has come and gone.

The 2015 NHL Draft has ended, and many fans, particularly in Boston, are probably still shaking their heads and staring blankly in disbelief.

However, the draft was a success for the NHL and the city of Sunrise, FL. The Florida Panthers organization and their fans surprised many in the hockey world, which was a good thing.

Now, it’s time to reflect on what occurred over the weekend.

1. The Big Two

Heading into this year’s draft were the names of Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel going one and two in the first round. Well, they didn’t disappoint.

We will just call them the “Big Two” from the weekend. These two picks were no brainers and were talked about since last season began. The only frustrating part was that both the Edmonton Oilers and Buffalo Sabres took so long to announce. The literally took the max three minutes to announce the pick. What was the delay, if they were locked on their picks? Fielding last minute offers, getting the jersey size right?

2. Boston Trade Party

Even before the draft began, the Bruins made waves in the hockey world. Two big names saw their jerseys and address change to Western Conference teams in what were shockers.

First, young defensive talent Dougie Hamilton was shipped from Boston to a young and hungry team in the Calgary Flames. The trade-off were the 15th (first round), 45th and 52nd picks (both second rounders).

Second, long-time Bruins villain Milan Lucic was traded cross country to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for the 13th overall pick (first round), prospect D, Colin Miller, and G, Martin Jones.

New general manager Don Sweeney wasn’t messing around. He played no favorites when it came down to it. Both Hamilton and Lucic have been staples for the Bruins, more so for Lucic. He played to the Bruins identity as a tough-minded forward, which fans in Boston could identify with. Although, one might argue Sweeney made a good move cause it helps relieve a little cap space and injects new blood into the lineup. Plus, the Lucic show was maybe wearing thin for the Bruins and some housekeeping was needed.

3. What was with the player intros?

For the most part the city of Sunrise, FL and the Florida Panthers and fans held a great event. The fans in attendance were engaging (booing commissioner Gary Bettman and Bruins GM Don Sweeney when he called draft picks in consecutive order from the 13th thru 15th picks). However, there was one thing that irked the crap out of most fans watching. This was the music intros when players were selected in the first round. Who was the person making the song choices?

Within the top four selections, three of the songs were movie themes. Jack Eichel’s was the theme from the Avengers. Dylan Strome, the third overall pick, had the Jurassic World music playing. And the fourth selection, Mitch Marner, had John Williams’ Duel of the Fates from the Star Wars franchise playing for him.


I mean it’s a lot better than Eminem or The Wu-Tang Clan playing in the background that might offend someone. And it could have been that the NHL wanted to show that it was mature in its production of young men embarking on career choices.

Next year, the NHL needs to make sure that Valkryie is playing for the number one overall.

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