Here are five reasons to stay in and watch the NHL Draft on Friday night: class depth, trade strategies and viewing parties are just a few.

By Patrick Comia

The 2015 NHL Entry Draft takes place tonight at 7:00 pm EST on NBCSN.

This year is proving to be one of the most anticipated in recent memory. Possible generational players are projected to be taken early in the first round, and the players that will follow are considered not being too shabby either.

But, should sports fans stay home tonight and watch?

After all, it is Friday and most are free of the chains of work. We just want to let loose or vegg for the next two days. Well, two and half, if you go the end of the work day.

If you are looking for something to do, or something different, why not check out the NHL Draft tonight? You may not know the names, immediately. Heck, you might get even lost in the hoopla. However, you might be watch history unfold if the players selected make it big!

Here’s five reasons to sit back, relax, kick your feet up and watch:

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