Awkward Moment of the Night- Bill Guerin and Russell Peters

What do you get when you mix an American hockey player with a Canadian comic?  Awkwardness.  Well in this case, it was definitely awkward.  Bill Guerrin, the former hockey player, presented the Lady Byng Trophy with Russell Peters.  Peters may have been this year’s Cuba Gooding JR cause he was just being quirky.  From the microphone adjustments to his quip on P.K. Subban about where his Stanley cup Ring was, it made for some spine, cringing moments.  The comedy, oddly enough, did not come from Peters, but from the award’s recipient, Jiri Hudler (see above). Low Point of the Night- Daughtry When Chris Daughtry won American Idol a few years ago, he became one of the hottest selling recording artists.  However, last night, he was far from it.  It just felt off when he started singing.  His attempts at trying to get the crowd to stand up, just didn’t feel right.  The performance was so bad that I fast forwarded through his musical number after listening to it 10 seconds in.  to make things worse, all week, the NHL was advertising the show with Daughtry headlining.  However, they sang just one song and it came near the end of the show.  Just bad, bad, and BAD!

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