Funniest Moment(s) of the Night- Jiri Hudler/ Rob Riggle interviewing John Tavares The show had a good vibe most of the night.  Two moments stand out as the funniest moments of the night.  The first was Jiri Hudler and his acceptance of the Lady Byng Trophy.  It just started out funny because he came onto the stage with no shoes on.  He walked up in his suit and red sox on his feet.  Maybe it was an ode to the Calgary Flames and their fans, but it got some laughs.  Then, he joked about getting messages on his phone last night from his coach Bob Hartley (winner of the Jack Adams Trophy) about making sure his rookie teammate Johnny Gaudreau was in bed by a certain time.  Hudler then joked about Gaudreau texting to tell his coach he was in bed by 11.  After his peers accepted their awards with respect and humble, Hudler was the first to break the ice and humanize hockey players tonight.  It was a relief and put smiles on the attendees. The second funniest moment was when Rob Riggle interviewed John Tavares, as part of the show’s buildup to the Hart Trophy announcement.  Riggle interviewed Tavares in a charcter from Brooklyn, next season’s home for the New York Islanders.  He asked if Tavares liked cupcakes, which he said yes.  After that the nickname of all nicknames was born: Johnny Cupcakes!  That was the best!

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